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Photo of Mayor Ian Baltutis with supporters on filing day


Why do you love Burlington? Each of us has many reasons for calling Burlington our home. Ian is working to be the kind of mayor who works hand-in-hand with residents to build up this community and make it the best place in North Carolina to live, work, raise a family and retire.
One City

Time and time again, I am asked why our city is divided? Why does the wall that is Webb Ave and the train tracks define such a striking boundary within our one city? It is clear to residents on both sides of this informal boundary that city rules, ordinances and spending are not equally portioned across all our local neighborhoods. The differences arise in maintenance of public infrastructure like parks, roads, and buildings. There is also a stark contrast in appropriate business practices, signage and street presence.


As the growth and development of our city shifts and flows, we cannot leave neighborhoods behind or abandoned. We need elected officials who are visible, accessible and active to all our citizens, regardless of where in our city they choose to live.

Affordable Housing

As our City emerges from the pandemic, we face the growing challenge of ensuring that our residents have access to quality affordable housing. Having a safe place to live, thrive, grow, and raise your family is a basic human right. It has become clear that we must take a proactive approach to tackling this problem before it becomes a crisis in our community. I’m committed to modern, equitable, and safe affordable housing solutions that enable people to live in their community of choice.


As our region continues to see rapid growth, the speed at which we must plan and build new, diverse, and affordable housing must accelerate. As Mayor I will work towards making Burlington a national leader in fair and equitable affordable housing that meets the needs of all residents in our community.

Safe Neighborhoods

Building safe communities takes total involvement from each of us. Its foundation begins at the most basic level, our neighborhoods. When we reach out and get to know the families who live next door and across the street, we build strength through association. We forge partnership and understanding that enables us to better understand the needs and challenges facing our community. Through cooperation, we can begin to address those needs.


Safety is built through numerous ways. It can be as simple as a hosting a block party or as involved as organizing a neighborhood watch group. All it takes is a few community members stepping up and taking a leadership role in their neighborhood. Before long the buds of community grow and neighbors come together under a common purpose. United to create a safe place to live, work and play.

Leadership with Vision

Our city is filled with innovative and creative community leaders. These are the people that we need to more fully engage in active leadership roles. It is the responsibility of our mayor to be an advocate who reaches out to all corners of our community and empowers these leaders. Our city’s future success and growth depends on Burlington being a community that continually innovates. We must truly live up to our goal of being a dynamic community that attracts and retains talented and engaged citizens.

Total Transportation

In 2013 we fought for a bus system. This year we celebrated 5 years of service from Link Transit. In 2021, the system became completely fare free and will soon be expanding to Saturday service. But the work isn’t done. Every day, thousands of our citizens struggle to find suitable transportation to school, work, and medical care. The future of our city hinges on connecting our greatest asset, our people, with the economic engines of our future, our schools, and businesses. It hinges on the long-term health of our seniors and their ability to access high-quality care providers. The prosperity of our economy depends on connecting businesses to the customers who demand their goods and services.


Every movement, every commute, every inch of our city, drives us towards our future. Our feet, our wheels and our wings get us there. We have the strategic plans to make it happen, but we lack the financial gas to get us there. It is time for us to have a mayor and a city government who really make pedestrian safety and transportation infrastructure a priority.

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