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  • Ian Baltutis

Mayor Baltutis Publishes His First Book - Four Pairs of Shoes

At no point prior to 2013 did I aspire to pursue elected office. It was never on my radar, my aspirational goal list, or my bucket list. But one day in July of 2013, when I received a phone call, my life, my priorities, and my role in the community changed forever. Through three hard campaigns, the blisters, the rainy days, the sore feet, and the long nights have become part of an amazing journey. Looking back, I would not trade those experiences for anything.

This is more than a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a true political novice learning on the fly how to lead an unfamiliar community. This is a collection of personal stories gathered across thousands of interactions and how those stories became woven together to pave an unexpected path into public service.

Four Pairs of Shoes is now available in print and digital versions on

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