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Mayor Ian Baltutis Announces That He Will Seek a 4th Term

Burlington, North Carolina – City of Burlington Mayor Ian Baltutis, who famously campaigned door-to-door reaching over 12,000 homes in his first bid to serve as Mayor, will again take to the streets as he continues the work of healing old divisions, building prosperity through equity, and unifying the city as One Burlington.

Baltutis exudes contagious optimistic energy that has persisted through the pandemic. Even after six years in office, he continues to push the City’s strategic plan forward at a brisk pace. His passion for public service is clearly shown through his countless efforts to represent residents across Burlington and to celebrate their progress and accomplishments.

Baltutis can count an impressive number of achievements during his terms including the launch and expansion of Link Transit, the growth of Downtown Burlington, the award-winning Belong In Burlington Residents Program, modernization of city ordinances, new bikeways and greenways, revitalization of historic mills at the Lofts at May Hosiery and NOA Living at Lakeside Mill, and the new Burlington Sock Puppets team in addition to numerous new businesses and jobs created in the city.

“Our focus on investing in our city equitably and improving access to opportunity helped Burlington weather the pandemic better than many communities, our shared vision of One Burlington where everyone has an opportunity to contribute and succeed is more critical than ever,” says Baltutis.

Baltutis is excited to run alongside Dejuana Bigelow, who has announced her campaign for Burlington City Council. If elected, Bigelow will be the first African American woman to serve on Burlington’s City Council and Burlington is ready for this historic win.


Mayor Baltutis was elected in 2015 and re-elected in 2017 and 2019. This is his first public office held. When he was elected at age 30 he became the City of Burlington’s youngest mayor. Baltutis also serves on the North Carolina League of Municipalities Board and Metropolitan Mayors Association.

Baltutis manages global operations for The Vibration Solution, LLC, an American product design and manufacturing company that he founded during his studies at Elon University. He is a passionate supporter of Downtown Burlington where he helped found Burlington Beer Works. He currently owns Persnickety Books, a bookstore committed to reducing recidivism by, “Giving Books and People a Second Chance.” He is an advocate for historic preservation and is restoring his historic West Davis Street home.

2779 S Church St, Ste 101, Burlington, NC 27215 Phone 763-218-0266

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